Black Hole

November 17, 2017
By anistonrh BRONZE, Christiansburg, Virginia
anistonrh BRONZE, Christiansburg, Virginia
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You are the world and I am one of the many stars
Let me exist in your vast skies
Consume your empty orbitals
Bleed my light into your dark alleyways

My existence in your universe is trifling
Unnoticed by your greedy eyes and empty hands
Your gaze lands upon constellations
And I am too dull

I burn brightest when you’re turned away
Infatuated with the supernovas and those who bow down to you
You think you’re the sun
Less of a planet, more of a black hole

I only come out at night
Pounding on your windows to let me in
But your curtains are shut and you’re enveloped in the inhabitants of your own world
How do you expect me to be bright when I’m so far away?

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