November 16, 2017
By Anonymous

I wake up in the morning
To a different roof above my head each week,
In various hotel rooms
The change of scenery nonstop

I want to be able to see the sun rise
Above a different horizon each morning,
And the sun set somewhere beautiful
All over the world

I want to feel the sand
From many beaches under my feet,
Some too hot to even stand on
And each different than the last,

And swim in every ocean,
To find my favorite one

You can drive across the state
Visit somewhere new,
Passing through populated cities
And the smallest towns

Seeing famous landmarks
And hidden beauties,
Or get on a bus to a different city,
A place where no one knows you,

Get on a train and take it across the country
See a different coast
A side of the country full of rocky mountains
And rivers wider than the roads you drove on,

Or another side with water as clear as glass
And vibrant palm trees,
You can even take a plane across the world

But right now you can wake up to a roof above your head that is yours
In a place that feels like home to you.

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