November 16, 2017
By Alejandro2208 BRONZE, San City, California
Alejandro2208 BRONZE, San City, California
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Humans, every one of us is born with something or into something

Whether it’s a family that holds a high status
Or born without ever meeting your own parents
These things given to us at birth are what society use to define us
It can be a trait, a name, a status, or sometimes being born with nothing

The label, the title, the status will follow us from birth to wherever we go
To better or worse, it will follow
It can break us or it can make us into who we are
To some it might feel like blessing, yet to others, a curse
It can lead to doors for our future and it can keep some shut
To gain a title meant receiving a burden
That you must carry for the rest of your life
The judgement that follows feels like it will never disappear
Even I find myself surrounded by the cloudiness of judgment from others
And because of that I feel that I am not a normal person
I do not meet their expectations and for that I am ashame
My identity begins to worsen now that I am trapped to someone’s version of                                          
how they chooses to  perceive me
Yet I will not fall victim to this title
I can still make mine disappear
And one day I will cross that line that will change everybody’s mind
Through my actions, my decisions, and the choices I make
I will not fall into the pit of my own humiliation
Rather I will spend my days helping others climb out of theirs
Soon enough, I will become that one exception
And someday, I will receive that redemption

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