No Last Words

November 16, 2017
By DeeCee BRONZE, San Jose, California
DeeCee BRONZE, San Jose, California
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The shuttered eyes of the mass,

a building where hope “transcends”.

I join them with hand in hand,

by unmade amends.


I know,

Nothing can last.

Still, why was I broken and turned aghast?

Perhaps it was that question,

The one that I’ve never asked…

The one thing I’d never got to say,

A phrase I’d tell only to the sea shores.

Something I’d wish I had said--

even if to just a corpse.


Unknownst to me,

twas her last destination.

I had won and I had lost,

Just after our last confrontation.
I didn’t want to say my goodbyes.

Surely she’d survive, I’d answer,

But from quick spread of cancer,

And from hopeless pleas of plight,

only a mother’s end came tonight.


A growing cry.

The cross of a hospice bed,

only dead.


The silence,

broke with dread--

Farewells unsaid.

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