November 16, 2017
By nikosaghazarian BRONZE, San Jose, California
nikosaghazarian BRONZE, San Jose, California
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A narrow dirt trail clambering over boulders
Surrounded by untamed grasses
Blossoming wildflowers
An explosion of a rainbow
Red, yellow, purple, blue, orange, white

The green gradient of flora
Rustles in the cool breeze
Approaching a trickling brook

And with a melodious symphony

Crashes over the side of a cliff
Forming a waterfall of crystals
From the clear and still lake

On one side
The meadow of flowers
Dotted with pines
That flows down the gentle slope
To that silently lapping lake shore

On the other
A dense grove of ponderosas
Shade the needle covered beach
Balancing the bright light of the meadow

The lake
Reflects flowers and trees alike
Reveals a mirror image

Towering peaks that climb
High above the treetops
Dwarfing the clean brook
A stark contrast to the wide-stretching meadow

Pure, titanium white snow
Covering pinnacles of rock

Pointing to the sapphire sky
Dabbed with spots of ivory clouds

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