Ashes to my Ashes

November 16, 2017

 I’m sorry my heart bothered you so much.

Sorry you decided it was worthy of turning to ash and dust.
Sorry I poured my heart out to you cause you obviously didn’t have one.
Sorry I wrote for you, a passion you knew I had.
Sorry that I don’t agree with everything you’ve done to me.
But I’m more sorry it took me this long to let it out.
You messed me up and I still had feelings, not love, but feelings.
But that was before you burned my heart to ashes and danced on the dust.
Unluckily for you, my heart is a Phoenix.
I’m sorry it rose from it’s ashes stronger than it was.
Sorry I learned to not trust you with a lighter.


Now, I’m sorry, but it’s my turn to use the lighter.

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