Those Who Destroy You Internally

November 16, 2017
By Xanthe SILVER, Marcellus, Michigan
Xanthe SILVER, Marcellus, Michigan
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“Create the reality you wish to live, that way you have a chance at a perfect life. But at some point, you have to come back to reality. That is the real killer.” -Xanthe

Depression strikes again.
Today, it’s the beating heart of the bear, whereas yesterday, it was the light of the firefly’s butt.
Today, it is the darkness of your closet, yesterday, it was the light bulb you just turned on.
Today, it is the caged lion in captivity, yesterday, it was the cage.
Today, it is the fist of the man who just got into a bar fight, yesterday, it was the gentle hand of the same man, but with the lady, he hopes to marry one day.
Depression comes in many, many, shapes and sizes. It either leaves you alone, pokes at you, or attacks you. No one knows why, or when but when it hits, you know. You feel it in your bones, hear it in your thoughts, see it wherever you look. It makes you forget the last time you ate. Yesterday? This morning? When this morning? You forget because you don’t feel hungry, or let’s say you do feel hungry, you eat and sometimes feel like it isn’t enough. You quite literally feel you can eat yourself to the point of explosion. You ask yourself what’s supposed to help you through this. You answer things like, friends, family, music, medication, or simply, animals. But does it ever really help? What helps? A person? A thing? I guess it’s up to you to decide.

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