The Industrial Revolution

November 20, 2017
By Presc00t BRONZE, Amissville, Virginia
Presc00t BRONZE, Amissville, Virginia
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The start of a new era
     Change linked to most progression
     Though there’s evidence of some recession
     Mining into the earth
     Heavy fumes
     Infrastructure blooms 
     In Great Britain
     The pollution smitten
     The cities and their people
     Sparking some inventions
     Like the factory system and the steam engine
Mass production
In full function
The workers revolt
Seems the machine has brought their work to a holt
The first inner city railway
Liverpool to Manchester
A derailing caused quite a fester
Fossil fuels
The steel
You can thank for our cities appeal
The trading empire
Following a significant demand
North America, India, and Africa
Harboring colonies all following the same plan
Paving the way for modern architecture
The first underwater tunnel, made of cement
It would hold, they were sure
A solution for an easier way of life
They think they’ve found the cure


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