November 16, 2017
By chloek006 BRONZE, Amery, Wisconsin
chloek006 BRONZE, Amery, Wisconsin
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A funny thing, isn't it?

It makes people blind

Blind to the truth staring right at them.


Now love comes in many forms:

Love for family,

Love for friends,

Love for freedom,

And so on.

But it is also a deep affection.

Maybe for another person.


The affection you have for this person,

Well, it can be dangerous.

Some romantics have said,

"Love is the most powerful force in the universe."

In the wrong hands, it can destroy.

But it can also save a life.


Love for another is like

Giving your heart

Your fragile heart

To hold in their hands,

Asking to keep it safe.

Sounds simple right?


The problem is....

They have to want it.

They have to want to keep it safe,

To keep you from harm.

Otherwise, it falls through their hands.

Like sand slipping through your fingers.


You watch it fall

And as it lands

A tiny crack appears.

Appears where it hits the ground.

The ground of truth.

The truth that this person

They never loved you back.


So, you mourn over this crack.

But realize you can't get mad at them.

Mad for not loving you back?

They can't help it because behind you

Someone else is holding their heart

And they're saying, "Yes, I want it."


In the end, we are just individuals

Standing in front of one another

Asking to be loved.


But life isn't like the movies

Or the books.

Katniss doesn't always find her Peeta.

Juliet doesn't always marry Romeo.

And the Beast doesn't always learn to love.


This isn't like the fairy tales

You were read to as a child.

Not all loves are meant to be.


This is what destroys us

Or saves us.



It's a funny thing, isn't it?

The author's comments:

Even though I am a teenager and still young I've been through some tough heart aches where I thought the boy I liked liked me back or just totally played me.  This is where i came to realize that all the happy endings i was told to as a kid were totally false.  I mea really... Juliet and Romeo know eachother for one night and they get married the next day. I found it silly and i wanted to express that so i qrote this.

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