Arrow of Love

November 15, 2017
By riasoni04 BRONZE, S Plainfield, New Jersey
riasoni04 BRONZE, S Plainfield, New Jersey
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       From the view of an
       oblivious observer, I

may just be a sharp wooden stick that is
capable of swiftly stabbing one’s
skin, the point penetrating through.
But with a closer look, it is revealed
that I am not like what you expect.

            Nock me, pull me
            back and release.
            Swoosh! I fly high
            and low, gliding until
             I reach my target.

             I am like two familiar
             hands finding each other,
             engendering affection.
             I am the locking of two
             desirous eyes, sparking
             an unwavering connection.

                  I am the master
                  of passion; with
                     just  Eros’s
                   command, two
                   strangers are

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