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November 15, 2017
By justapieceoftheuniverse BRONZE, City Of Dreams, New York
justapieceoftheuniverse BRONZE, City Of Dreams, New York
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The first time
I meet her
I know we’ll never
be friends
She has pretty hair
Everyone likes her
And she doesn’t like me.
But I’m jealous of that pretty hair
She has a gorgeous lunch
Fancy meals
Made just for her.
That means
Somebody loves her
And I wish it were like that
For me.
But then comes the day
After school
We’re waiting
My mother’s not here yet
And hers isn’t either.
I don’t know
Whether to be glad
Or not.
She’s worried
Biting her nails
Pulling at
That gorgeous hair.
And suddenly her mother’s here
And both of them are shedding tears
I catch “father”
And “gone”
And it hits me
She looks at me
For some reason
I’m crying for her
And now it doesn’t matter
What clothes I wear
My unruly mane
Because now we’ve realized
We’re the same.
And things have changed
So  maybe
We’re not so different
After all.

The author's comments:

I was inspired to write this piece for the Kenneth F. Gambone Long Island Language Arts Council contest. The theme of the contest was "We are more alike than different." I'd really like for my poetry to affect people and make them consider what their actions and words could do.

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