Thank you, Hate

November 15, 2017
By Anonymous

I can’t seem to bear the thought without you--
Yet, I cannot live with you,
Always around every corner,
Lurking, Following my every move,

You judge and laugh and despise,
Yet I love the criticism,
Makes me feel like I can always improve,
But what if I don’t want to improve?

I like the way I am--
Yet, you keep pushing me into something else,
Always encouraging me to do things differently,
Wear my hair up or down?

Don’t waste your breath--
Either way, I wouldn't look good in the eyes of you,
Now that I think about it,
Nothing I do would make me worthy of you,

I need your space, but I desperately need your appraisal--
Everyone has it around them,
Some more than others, yet no one can live with or without you,
We loathe yet adore you, thank you, hate

The author's comments:

Hate is around everyone and it pushes people to a certain extent to change the way people think or act towards themselves and others. It inspired me because people shouldn't be affected by hate like they are in today's society. Everyone should feel comfortable in their own skin.

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