Black Water

November 15, 2017
By squeegy28 BRONZE, Winchester, Massachusetts
squeegy28 BRONZE, Winchester, Massachusetts
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You are going to be the death of me
My love
My heart is beating frantically
To keep up with the pace of your words
Your thoughts
Your hand slipping into mine

Your heartbeat is so close to me
Plastered on my walls
Tucked into my blankets and the corner of my dreams
And laced into the definition of love
Yet it echoes from miles away
a reminder that we are not
Each other’s anymore

Lost at sea, I search the stars
For a trace of you to guide me
Then remember I must now rely on maps
To find a home
But my compass is broken
And it is too dark to read

The truth of your love
Pulls me to safety
Though the turbulent journey
Brings pain each time
The kiss of land against my skin
Can make the sun rise from the west

The author's comments:

for my ex-boyfriend, and best friend, whom I love very much

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