The Differences Between Me and My Sister

November 15, 2017
By CoolPoet737 PLATINUM, South Burlington, Vermont
CoolPoet737 PLATINUM, South Burlington, Vermont
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She likes green,
That I have seen.
But I like red!
The first difference is therefore said.


She adores Taylor Swift,
But I would rather jump off a cliff,
Than listen to Taylor Swift,
Singing “Shake it off, shake it off,” for the FIFTH time!!!


She loves books,
About talking dragons and unicorns becoming cooks!
But I would rather jump naked into a barrel of fluff,
Than read that stupid stuff.


She is talented in drawing,
I would rather take up a career in sawing.
Because whenever I draw,
There’s ALWAYS an awful flaw.


Her type of film,
Is one where is the animals don’t get killed.
Instead they talk and solve all sorts of things,
Maybe I’ll just sprout wings.


But the only thing that is the same,
(And for this we don’t have much fame)
Is that we’ve both got a mom and a dad,
And for this we are glad!!


Moral: One brother’s trash is another sister’s treasure.
(That should REALLY be taken into measure)

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