Daisy Days

November 15, 2017
By C.A.P BRONZE, Galloway, New Jersey
C.A.P BRONZE, Galloway, New Jersey
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He loves me
I know it
My hope won’t die
Only the flower will

He loves me not
My mom would tell me
“Don’t let one boy
Break your heart
It took 9 months
To create such beauty
Don’t let him
Take it away..”

He loves me
I’ll be his treasure
The girl he’ll cherish
Butterflies swarm about in my heart
At the sight of him

He loves me not
I’m the last thing on his mind
I’m nothing but a grain of sand
In the beaches of his thoughts

He loves me
Those eyes can’t lie

He loves me not
But he can

He loves me
Just keep wishing on stars

He loves me not
I’ll just confuse them with satellites

Oh dear
I ran out of petals :)

The author's comments:

I remember when I was little, I'd always pluck the petals off flowers in hopes that my crush would somehow like/notice me. I was just a child. I never knew that those silly practices would do nothing. This poem is about doubt and unrequited love. I dedicate this to the helpless romantics out there. I hope you find your one and only <3

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