The Greatest Killer

November 20, 2017

She was within the girl that was everyones’ friend,
the one who secretly felt completely isolated from everyone.

She was within a star athlete,
the one who starved herself while in season.

She was within a friend from high school,
the one who quietly wept when you forgot to call her back.

She was within the wisest person you knew,
the one who was afraid of not being heard.

She was within the quietest person in your class,
the one who had voices in her head louder then anything else.

She was within the one who people thought would go far,
the one who became so petrified of failure that it broke her down.

She was within the one you had known since middle school,
the one who had things they would never tell even after so many years.

She was within the one who went home and cried,
the one who you never thought could ever be so fragile,
so damaged on the inside.

She was within the one who held a gun in their hands,
the one who you didn’t know had a letter written,
a letter so heart wrenching that it tears out your soul.

She has not one identity,
but many.
She shows mercy to no certain color,
no gender,
no age.

In fact, she may be sitting next to you
but you might never know
Because like every great killer
She is silent,
Invisible to those around her,
until its too late.

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justarandom said...
Nov. 22 at 2:00 am
Beautifully written
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