Granny, How are you?

November 20, 2017
By TaxiLion SILVER, Chicago, Illinois
TaxiLion SILVER, Chicago, Illinois
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A wooden bench sits
Still until we come
To sit and talk
Until the sun comes up
For you Granny
Are the one I adore the most

And since you have left us
On this beautiful planet
“What have you been up to?”
I’d say
“Just baking, and wishing
For you to pray.”

For an hour we’d share
Our experiences and losses
Our happiest moments
And our lowest moments

She’d tell me of him
The man I never knew
And what he was like
Before he flew into the sky
To be with the saints,
Angels, and God himself

You would tell me about your childhood
And all that you have gone through
Your friends
And your enemies
And the ones you loved
But never knew you existed

I would ask of your life
The one you had in high school
And how you met my great grandpa
And what he was like

You’d tell me
“I miss him”
And I miss him too
I wish I would have met him
When I was a child
But I still would have never knew

I love you
And I miss you
For you have left me
And I wish you were still here
But I know you're in a better place
And you are always watching over me

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