There are plenty of people, but only you can give me happiness

November 20, 2017
By Anonymous

When you stare into my eyes
My heart drowns in a thousand oceans
It melts in a pool of deathly magma
But this only lasts for so long
Then it turns cold

You may seem to be innocent
But you ruined me
My heart and my soul
Will never forgive the ones that sin
The ones that crumble the mind
In a fist of torture

It may only be an emotion
But it speaks to me through lyrics
It says that you are not the one
But that there's another
One that shares a similar light
To the one who loves me no more

So if they are out there
And they hear my plead
Come save my poor soul
Save me from the depths of my own sorrow
So I can be loved once again
By another

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