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November 20, 2017
By livmatt93 SILVER, North Cape May, New Jersey
livmatt93 SILVER, North Cape May, New Jersey
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"It's okay to not be okay."

Love is a mother nuturing you,

as if you were a newborn,

fresh into the world.

Love is a hug at a time of need or crisis.

Love is someone to talk to when no one is listening,

understanding what you have to say.

Love is reading a letter from someone

you miss more than anyone else.

Love is sharing a secret to someone

you do not have to second guess.

Love is reminiscing your past,

watching an old, silly cartoon

with a loved one who will still laugh along with you.

Love is being able to show emotions

about the outside world

to someone on the inside.

Love is calling old friend that

is always on your mind.

Love is being there when no one else is.

Love is staying together,

keeping a bond that cannot break.

The author's comments:

I wrote this piece for my grandmothr in February for Valentine's Day. She passed away December 22nd, and at the time I was very upset, so writing was my escape. This poem is inspired by the love, the connection we had. Each line involves something we had done together, like when we watched Magic School Bus together and laugh over the silliest things. I have decided to submit this poem now because it has almost been one year without her, and I know she would want me to share it with anyone who wants to see it.

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