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October 31, 2017
By sydneycd BRONZE, San Francisco, California
sydneycd BRONZE, San Francisco, California
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when i was younger i used to think the sky
arched over us like the top of a snow globe.
protecting us from whatever was beyond.
whatever was looking inside and watching
the snow fall.

but now i know that all that separates our planet,
all that separates us
from the darkness
is particles upon particles
but we too are just dust and ashes
so nothing separates us from anything, really.

i went on a run up the hill today.
my throat burned at the touch of cold air
my stomach turned into itself
but then at the end we reached the peak.
and everything, finally
was not quite so big anymore
and the air became a playful friend
instead of an enemy.

i remember.
my hands grasping the cold rock
shakey and inexperienced
i pulled myself up towards the sky
and it was quiet at the top
and i could hear the earth breathe.

that is what we strive for i think
the feeling at the end of the run
when you push past the fear and the pain
and finally reach Something Else
something simple, but good
like swingsets on a summer day
when we were kids.

The author's comments:

I wrote this piece immediately after I had gone on a run and was looking out over the city, a time when I was very inspired by the world around me, and felt both incredibly connected to, and separated from my childhood.

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