the good times

October 30, 2017
By Anonymous

The warm breeze hitting against my face,
             Hot sand rubbing against my feet,
  The smell of sunscreen and salt water in the air,
    The waves whispering to each other,
Blue all round me in the sky in the water,
Where I have so many memories,
New places,
Delicious new food,
Getting scared when fishes jump right next to us,
Stung by…
Jellyfish !
Getting on all the rides in the carnival
Even tho i'm afraid  of heights and we were like 10,000,000 feet above water
So many memories ,
And each one of them ,
  I will forever keep in my heart .

The author's comments:

what inspired me to write this poem is while I was free writting I started thinking about all the good times I've had so I wrote about one but I decided not to say what I was talking baout untill the end 

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