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October 30, 2017
By AmberKat9999 BRONZE, New Bedford , Massachusetts
AmberKat9999 BRONZE, New Bedford , Massachusetts
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Favorite Quote:
Peace and Confidence/ Jeremiah 29:11

Beat, beat, I will my beat into this world,
my heartbeat, my movement, my story.
I call upon my life to be filled with music
and song,
to be anything but still and stagnant.
I wish to live free, free to create, free to feel, free to express myself and beat.
I desire to be heard, through dance, through the spoken word.
I want to be seen, to be noticed
to be humble and kind to all.
I pray for others to be noticed and seen,
their beat heard loud and wild.
I ask for goodness to thrive in the heartbeats of others and myself.
So I write to convey, I dance to express, I beat to show who I am.
Beat, beat, I will my beat my story,
into this world.

The author's comments:

I want people to get a sense of hope and be uplifted by this piece.

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