I Am Stronger

November 1, 2017

Inhaling the breath of my demons
Aching for my own, fighting, screaming.
monsters invisible to those who ignore
Stronger than me, losing the war.
tasting my thoughts, loud and alarming
ripe enough to feed those who are starving.

outside of me the world is buzzing
not aware of my pain inside that's coming.
glimmers of hope wishing to reassure
eradicated by the creator of fear creating more.

romanticizing he who destroys me.
If I had a choice, I’d choose to forfeit, before the
Worlds inside me fall out of orbit.
it is a true struggle, living-
lost inside of yourself.
longing for the end, like I can’t go on
Only I’m very nearly there.


exotic feelings surge through my veins
riding on pure euphoric waves.
caged my whole life, smoking on potion
only to find the door was open.
most of my days spent lost at sea
endless worries, only now I’m free.

Never have I felt so beautiful before
olive trees and skin so fair.
Lovely symbols of who I am
obscured by the facade in which I created
no one knew the real me was isolated.

grueling years I spent debating,
exposing the truth within my heartache.
repairing myself is far more important.
Foreign thoughts visit every morning
ravaging havoc on my peaceful mind.
and somehow those thoughts have helped me find
greater days will come with time.
i fell in love with my solitude, painted gray,
loneliness is now forevers away.
each day I live and I want to stay.

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