November 1, 2017

I want to help the lost ones,

no matter who or where they are. 


If they're the type of person I avoid

They talk too much

Ask too many questions

Don't know when to stop

Those things don't matter when people need help.


If they're someone I'm in love with

And I felt put down when you didn't reciprocate 

And did my best to avoid them at all times

Those things don't matter when you need help


I've been like this for as long as I can remember,

uncaring about many things,

But when I do care,

I care about it undivedely and completely,

And one of the things I care about is the well being of the people I know

And, indeed, those I do not


I will make time for anyone who needs to talk,

I will give you my email, phone number, 

anything and everything you need to reach me,

I will give you things to be occupied,

I will do things with you,

I will put your needs before mine,

I will assist, listen, and repeat. 

If there is a limit for what I will do,

I have yet to reach it. 

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