Flos Scientiam

November 1, 2017
By B.N64 BRONZE, Alliance, Nebraska
B.N64 BRONZE, Alliance, Nebraska
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As I gaze into space
I ponder mysteries of time
Do I really have a place
To call uniquely mine?
I ask the universe why I’m here
And she replies with not a word
And I have left to sit and fear
There be no purpose for to serve
And I lay in angst and woe
That I may turn to dust
And that all I love and know
Will someday meet their dusk

But when I come to realize
Old things that I have learned
My mind begins to minimize
These fears that I have churned
And yes I do have quite the place
I call it planet Earth
She has quite the comely face
She’s been that way since birth

Life is not made of hate nor death
Nor should you fear at all
For when you take your final breath
It won’t be curtain call
And you may be surprised at how
You will have come to find
The secret to living life is living now
And leaving past behind
And with its thorns comes lovely petals
This life can make you smile
So with your flower please don’t meddle
Won’t you let it grow awhile?

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