Why Should I?

November 14, 2017
By Mekelle BRONZE, Roswell, Georgia
Mekelle BRONZE, Roswell, Georgia
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Why should I care what he thinks of me?
Why should I change my every move I make for him?
Why should I chase after someone who’s already being chased? Why should I grow my feelings for someone who doesn’t even know my name?
Why should I be second best to his girlfriend?
Why should I feel worthless without him?
Why should I run in and out of places just because I want to see him?
Why should I worry if he’s doing okay?
Why should I care about him when he gets hurt?
Why should I talk to people about him to make sure he’s doing okay?
Why should I try to get to know a person based on what others say about him?
Why should I think about him morning, noon, and night?
Why should keep these feelings for him turned on rather than turned off?
Why should I look at him on social media every day praying that he just brakes it off with her?
Why should I go after someone who’s already taken?
Why should I put myself out there when one day, he might break my heart?
Why should I?
Because I love him!

The author's comments:

I'm currently in the middle of my Freshman year of high school, and I'm still learning so much. Every day I see this really cute guy walking in the hallway. This poem describes my feelings when I see him. I ask myself, "Why Should I" because I'm trying to express the fact that I don't know why I have these feelings for him. 

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