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November 14, 2017
By Shaylee_Marie BRONZE, St Peters, Missouri
Shaylee_Marie BRONZE, St Peters, Missouri
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This generation is s***.

In this generation we allow social media to control our minds as if we are robots programmed.

In our generation young girls rather dress like hoochies that belong to a corner vs dressing like a lady.

In this generation, children think it’s okay to talk to their parents like they are someone they just met off the streets.

In this generation, we rather see others sink, rather than to help them up.

In this generation, we rather discriminate each other vs. up lift each other with compliments.

In this generation, we rather put all or business on social media rather than keep quiet to ourselves.

In this generation, we rather lie and continue to bury ourselves in lies rather than to just be honest.

This generation is s***.

In this generation, we still discriminate each other based on the color of our skin, but yet ( pause ) if we were to cut each other  we would all bleed the same.

Instead of coming together in peace and as a community, we would rather tear it down. Why?

Because this generation is s***!

Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to travel in time to a different era of a generation when words had a true meaning, when everyone would rather help one another rather tear them down, when people had respect for themselves and others. A time where people were happy.

But all we do now is hurt one another, we hate more than we love. We tear one another piece by piece down til there isn’t anything left, we rather let the social media control our minds vs thinking for ourselves. We would rather disrespect ourselves then to have respect for yourself and morals. We would rather lie and go through all the extraness rather than being honest and taking the consequence. We would rather let one another discriminate each other based on the color of our skin rather than to love what's on the inside rather than on the out, honestly this whole generation going down the trash first we elect a president who is down right a disgusting pig, but why is he our president because we don’t look at the values of things anymore,
left to give we have gave up everything that so many people have fought for , the respect , the love, the honest, the freedom the equality we traded all that in for what ?

A S***TY  generation.

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