The Game Winning Shot

November 13, 2017
By patrick_D BRONZE, Park City, Utah
patrick_D BRONZE, Park City, Utah
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Every person playing dreams of scoring their first goal
Perhaps maybe even a game-winning shot
Some people on the team are bad, some are good
The all-star of the team always says he “hit it right on the dot” every shot
Even though some players are good, some of them are not even understood
The bad players can’t make a shot and wish they could

Life is like a lacrosse ball when there is still nothing good that is going to come out of it
But when it is moving fast, or even very slow it is like life to where it is productive and making progress
When the ball hits the net of a lacrosse goal it takes an immediate stop
Life is just like that ball in the net, at any moment it could take an immediate stop
Everything can change the team who just scored can win, but if life takes an immediate halt, it could be game over for you because you could lose everything you have
Money, Family members, friends, popularity, respect, or even your own life could go to waste just because of one little tiny mistake you have just made in your life
Now, do not give up because there is always a miracle left in the game, and in life somewhere
You just have to try hard enough to get it, and you have to believe in everything you do not have and believe that you will get it back. Now, people have a ton of different beliefs
Religion, culture, what is cool, what is not
But there is one thing everyone in my mind has to believe
Is that whatever happens in the game, or over at Jack’s house with those certain types of people, or at school, or anywhere you still can believe that you can switch things around because it has worked for many people, and It can work for you too
Just believe in yourself and you can do anything you have dreamed about doing
You can hit that game-winning shot in the most important game, or you can get that girl you want, or you can be an entrepreneur who is worth hundreds of millions of dollars
“You just have to believe”

The author's comments:

I wanted to inspire people to do their best and that they can always do anything they want if they try hard enough and work hard enough. At the same time, I wanted to add something that I am interested in which is lacrosse as a metaphor for my poem. 

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