The Endless Night

November 13, 2017
By Anonymous

                                       As you try to go to sleep at night
           You can feel its cold stare as it watches your every move.
          Cold shivers run down your spine as you pull the blanket over your head
                           To try to protect yourself from what might be watching,
                  There in the darkness of your room.
                Your breath is fast and shallow,
       As you struggle to keep quiet, while fear takes over your body.
          Paralyzing you, freezing all your thoughts.
       You hear the floorboards creak, as something approaches closer.
             You snap your eyes shut, praying that whatever it is,
                 Will go away.
                A shadow falls over the thin material of your covers,
      But you take no notice, telling yourself that the noises you hear,
               Are the sounds of your own breathing; Nothing else.

           Everything goes silent, there is not a noise to be heard.
    You assume that it is safe, that you can look out and see nothing;
                 But you couldn't be more wrong.
           As you slowly peel the blanket from off of your head,
           And look around the darkened room,
          You see a dark shadow move from the corner of your eye.
     And before you know it, a nervous whimper escapes your body;
           Giving away the fact that you are awake.

               Something rustles, something creaks, and something moves closer.
             Your voice catches in your throat as you whisper out,
     “Leave me alone...Go away!”
        You hear a snicker in the darkness of the room,
   As it seems to come from everywhere, but nowhere at the same time.
      You stare into the depths of blackness, both scared and confused.

         You feel the corner of your blanket being subtly pulled down,
         You freeze, neither moving nor breathing.
     The morning rays of light come through the blinds on your window,
                       And you take a deep breath,
         Knowing that another night has come and gone.
                 Knowing that the shadows will disappear into hiding,
             Until the night arrives once again, leading them out to play.

              Never knowing whether they are real;
     Or whether they are all in your head,
              Forever tormenting your nights and haunting your days.

The author's comments:

My favorite Director and Writer, Tim Burton, inspired me to write this poem. Along with my own imagination because I love horror and anything scary that sends chills down your spine - Which I hope this poem does to you :)

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