broken glass

November 13, 2017
By genesisb300 BRONZE, Sacramento, California
genesisb300 BRONZE, Sacramento, California
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All those other things they are the glass that contains the lamp, but you are the light inside. But your light has gone out, people have broken your glass and you are simply a dull light bulb waiting for that person to come and repair you. You have waited all your life to be saved from their torment but no one has come, you are starting to believe that no one ever will. You are right to believe such things. From that day the pain has haunted you stopped you made it impossible for you to think clearly. You wonder about the good times before the rain how now all you can think of are trivial things. You wonder if deserve such a life, if one day you might scream with all your might. But today is not that day. You do all you can to fix the good and bad messages in your head that continue to mix now you ponder beginning to fight to yell and bring the problem to light. but today is not that day. I instead think as i put this pen to paper and realize that today is not the day to face them i instead decide that today today is the day to focus on myself. Just me not anyone else and you will do the same its for your own good we are the same person anyway

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this is a promt from class took farther

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