The Unwanted Language

November 13, 2017
By ae052499 BRONZE, San Jose, California
ae052499 BRONZE, San Jose, California
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                                               Denied to sing while I was in school
And beaten when ever i tried to speak
Yelled at when i was being taught to pronounced a word
And even excluded from what seemed to me were laughters of joy
When i was at home my family would be afraid to speak to me
Or to even give a glance thinking that somehow i would start a conversation
At an early age i was taught to ignore the conversations i was told that my intelligence would never reach the height of a first grader.
At age 15 i was forced to stay at home not because of the weather but because my family was ashamed to have a stupid kid. I grew up with no friends and also never knew what a girl friend was. Afraid to be asked a question in public i would put a hoodie on and deny any eye contact that came from any person who seemed to walk towards me.
At an older age i found out that i would never get a job and that i would probably have to live under my parents roof. I had to understand the hard way why i couldn't get a job, what made me so different from the others that made me be put under those others who would apply. It wasn't because of my skin color and i wasn't because of my appearance and definitely wasn't because of my resume, but I  was denied the spot because of my inability to hear.

The author's comments:

this was a project for english

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