Under the Willow Tree

November 13, 2017
By Anonymous

I sit under the willow

My heart, it is breaking

Tears fall off my face

My soul, it is shaking


The sun smiles brightly

I look away from the glare

The rays burn my skin

And I can only stare


The love in my life

I feel it draining

Pain overwhelms me

I'm in need of saving


I pray for an ending

Whether it be happy or sad

I hope for a Prince Charming

To keep me from going mad


Chains hold onto my limbs

As I fight to be free

I'll never leave my prison

Of thorns, please save me


I cry and I scream 

For some sort of release

My pain and my suffering

Shall it never cease?


I smile and I laugh

But it's all a lie

My life is a mask

To hide the tears I cry

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