November 13, 2017
By Reyth BRONZE, Oviedo, Florida
Reyth BRONZE, Oviedo, Florida
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Infinitesimal speck,
Mere blink in the timeline of the void,
Cast your mind.
Ponder for a moment.

Imagine a year.
A thousand,
A million,
Nay - billions.

And here we are,
Soft, sensitive little creatures.
Living on our watery rock
Surrounded by
Such unfathomable distance

We simply call it space.

We cast our blind eyes upon
The shining darkness above,

Where countless stars dominate,
Dwarfing us into obscurity.

Nebulae shine in colors
We cannot even imagine

And galaxies house millions
Within a clustered bunch.

Think bigger.

Push reality to
It's furthest limits.

For such mind twisting
Is not for the faint of heart.

Black holes,
Crushing, stretching, warping
All it devours

Still remain a mystery.

Star corpses,
So bizarre they threaten
The very laws of our universe.

And we cannot forget,
The most elusive of them all

Dark matter.
Dark energy.

Straight from a
Novel of science fiction.

Predicted, speculated.

But never observed.

So vast and infinite,
Is expanding.
The very fabric of reality
Racing apart
Faster than light.

What is it expanding

Dear readers,
Look left
Look right
Look up
Look down

Keep looking.

What lies beyond that which our eyes can see?
What is hidden there,
So unknown?

We will never learn.

Never know what is
Beyond our universe.

Never discover what
Came at the beginning
What is to come,

At the end.

The end,
Which all things
must reach.

Even our eternal

The end,
Where every blink of life
Has long since died.

The end,
Where everything
Is dark.

The end,
In which there is

The end.

The author's comments:

Though it can be considered quite existential, I felt the urge to write about space, and tried to capture its beauty and strangeness. I often find myself lost in the biggest picture, and it is here that I am both at my best and worst. 


I hope that it will allow other people who haven't considered this perspective to consider our place in the universe and reflect upon how much we have yet to discover. 

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