November 13, 2017
By wefgg BRONZE, New City, New York
wefgg BRONZE, New City, New York
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Passion is a gift but also a curse
You show that care but also obsessed
It finds its way up slowly
Without being noticed
When you realize he is there
He set himself up in your home
And refuses to leave
He takes up space
Distracts you when you need to concentrate
He is strong and sturdy
Can’t be moved easily
He speaks with a smooth, calm voice
That reels you in even if you resist
He teaches you about the one you care about
Knowing things that no one else would know
It’s cute but also weird
It’s adorable but stalkerish
You get tired of his presence
Spend all your time getting rid of him
But you don’t know who is more hurt by it
He leaves
But there is now a space
That can’t be filled the same way
Now you open the door
Letting him in

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