The In-Betweens

November 13, 2017
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Wake up at dawn: dewy shadow and tired groans and a creaky bus and fog and the lingering smell of cafeteria and lived-in classroom
Sneak out at dusk: fire-gold sky and bare feet and a curb and some tears and a resolution to get up and start again tomorrow
And the in-betweens:
The  trudges through the mud after it rains
The sibling hand-me-downs
The nasty fish sandwiches at lunch
The words left scribbled in notebooks and forgotten
The songs hummed as you brush your teeth
The birthday candles
The sweatshirt that still smells like him
Dawn to dusk and the in-betweens that go unseen - such an unassuming life
But those in-betweens sneak up on me

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