Story of a Girl

November 13, 2017
By Kittys_Kitten BRONZE, Easley, South Carolina
Kittys_Kitten BRONZE, Easley, South Carolina
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In a room full of people, I'm all alone...

Here is a story about a girl

Who no one cared about

"Are you okay?" They'd all ask

Only to make themselves feel better

"Tell me!" They'd beg repeatedly

Gotta keep that gossip river flowing

The girl had a boyfriend

Strong and true...but then

He stopped talking to her too

No goodnight texts, no morning replies

Hell, no replies at all

"I'm busy.", "I'm eating.", "I'm watching something."

Excuses, excuses

It was like he had no time for her

The girl felt ignored

And on top of that,

Everytime she opened her mouth,

she was silenced by someone else's words.

The girl cried, bitter wet tears

Thoughts invaded her mind, anxiety awakened

"Does he care? Does anyone?

What is my life? Do I matter at all?"

The girl was worried sick, and she was sad

As sad as she could be

"Forget him," she told herself

"I'll ignore him too." 

Yet, she gave in.

1 text, 2 texts, 3 texts, 4

No replies came

She felt like things were wrong

She felt the need to disappear

Yet she cared too much to take 

Herself away from this horrible world

The girl was lonely, and that way she stayed

She laid in her bed and watched lights fade

Goodnight world. See you tomorrow? 

How could she tell?
Her empty heart was giving her hell

So the girl carried on, forcing her smiles

Hoping someone might care for a while

There's more to this story

Because you can't see

The girl in question is

None other...than me

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