I Remember You

October 30, 2017
By whitesnake01 BRONZE, Onslow, Iowa
whitesnake01 BRONZE, Onslow, Iowa
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I Remember You
I remember you
Yet it’s hard to see your face,
even the dimples in your smile
It’s hard to forget
when you sat on your deathbed,
Yet you never gave in
You gave your all for this family,
working till 2 A.M.,
to always finish what you started
Now again in that very bed,
dreaming of that field of bare, black,
and almost cottage cheese like dirt
And what it could become
The roots of corn intertwining in thirty inch rows,
standing at 36,000 plants to the acre
Reminiscing when you could plant 20,000
and yield 150 bushels
But now as this world changes,
the corn will yield over 200 bushels,
yet you will never experience it
I remember you
For the person you were
A tight, cheap person that couldn’t spend a dime
But always had time
To work and innovate
Only for others
I remember you
And I will never forget
The chances you provided
For me to learn
To get better
To live on your passion
To discover you
The opportunities you gave me
To learn from you
I will never forget
I will always cherish
I remember you

The author's comments:

When I was younger, I was always around my uncle Alan. He was a like a second father to me. He taught me everything he knew about agronomy, seed, equipment, and every entity of the farm. In late 2011 the doctors discovered a tumor in his brain. He went from being the hardest working person I knew to laying in a chair almost immediately and indefinetely. His passions for specifically corn inspired me more than any other. I want to become a seed corn salesman just as he was because of him. He was my inspiration to do more for my farm and family.

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