Education Time Series

October 30, 2017
By Anonymous

Education Time Series

Classrooms filled with wooden tables
Where students stare at chalkboards like zombies
Full of young and older students
Kids laughing, nothing to learn about

Old looking written books
Everything written by typewriters
Sheets of paper thin as glass and old wooden pencils
Hundreds of students, one classroom just messing around

Learning 4 subjects, brand new system for most
Little kids in one class, older kids in others
Many classrooms for all students
Desks for everyone, chitter chatter across the room
“Stop talking or else…”

Students flip up their laptops
“Beep Beep” Students playing games and not trying to learn
Careless about any education
Online learning books
Warm ups on the projectors
All grades online
Education has changed, things are better!

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