Autumn 2017

November 1, 2017

Humid days began the season,
While the hopes of a ghostly
Halloween lay ominous ahead
Of me.

My head up in the
Clouds, filled with love-drunken
Words and high hopes,
Expectations that I know,
Deep down, will probably
Never be

He came to me at the
Beginning of what seemed like
An eternity of a month,

He was the same,
But not the same as
When I had first met him.

Like the leaves of
Trees when the
Frigid weather begins
Creeping upon us,

He had changed--
From green, to
To green again,

And in my eyes,
He was valued.

Valued to the
Point I began
Going mad.
I craved his affection
While he craved

Never had I ever
Been so drunk--

So intoxicated,
To the point I
Was impaired.

He understood,
He spoke to me
On levels no one
Ever could.

He made me listen.

He taught me how.

Be aware,
His actions said,

I’m in too
I told him,
And he just smiled,

I guess he just
Me go crazy

Making me go mad.

And right when
I think I’d gone

I open my eyes,
And see that it was
But a cruel

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