It’s a thing of the past

November 1, 2017
By maleniglesias BRONZE, Acassuso, Other
maleniglesias BRONZE, Acassuso, Other
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We criticize and judge
Those that are different than us
Ignorance is all around
And there is no time out for that.


People are proud, too proud sometimes
That they believe their religion or skin color
Is superior than others,
But who says which is superior?
Is it written in a book?


We say racism is over,
That it just happened in the past,
But Martin Luther King, Jr.’s word only lasted for a while
We continue differentiating,
Between this one and that one.


He looks different
She looks different
You look different
We are all different
And what is wrong with that?


This is the time to stop,
To notice there is no good or bad, better or worse,
That we are all one,
With some different attributes.


So quit with the cruelty and
open your mind.

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