November 1, 2017
By Alexis Armour BRONZE, Alliance, Ohio
Alexis Armour BRONZE, Alliance, Ohio
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As he puts me to sleep, he sings me lullabies. At night he comes for me, a dreary shadow with red glowing eyes. He haunts me as I lie motionless, asleep, screaming silently. Stripping away my self-worth layer by layer until there was nothing left of my personality. Trembling with fear, the Incubus stole my innocence. I can still see the path of his long clawed fingertips on the road map of my body, traveling to places they never belonged. Knees pried open, he held me down like gravity.
I have been victimized as he enslaves me. Pained protrusion, I have been demolished by Satan himself.
The rotten smell of his breath sends chills down my paralyzed spine as he whispers, “Be a good girl, don’t tell.” My eyes close, but I see him glaring at me. Hovering over my numb, lifeless body. The beast desecrated my soul in my own refuge of safety. Leaving me in solitaire, my silent tears never heard. My body a crime scene I can never leave or unsee.


The author's comments:

As a victim of sexually abuse, I wrote this as an expression of how I feel. So many people experience some type of abuse & I just want to raise awareness of how emotionally affecting it is.

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