November 1, 2017
The world goes on-with or without me,
spinning whether I want it to or not.
The commotion hurts my ears.
Our planet so loud
People all around

Everyone speaking their minds,
not minding that their words
slice through people's hearts
like a machete through the jungle.

Despite having two ears and one mouth,
we talk more than we listen.
But I am a listener.
Am I cursed?
Why does everyone else get satisfaction
from words gushing out of their mouths
while I feel more content
the less I disturb the peace?

Sometimes though,
I want to create chaos.
For I am oceans and mountains,
carving the universe
with only my tongue.

We are supposed to live freely
Yet we are prisoners;
Some of war
I am a prisoner of my mind
But how can I be trapped inside
when I am the one with the key?

Just like the havoc of our world,
my head is buzzing with life.
Voices louder than I thought possible
disrupting my calm,
But no one hears.

We make so much uproar as a planet,
yet we drift through space

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