November 12, 2017
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Your strait face drives me insane
I know, I can’t please everyone
I see proof of that all too much
I laid all my cards on the table
My strengths
And weaknesses all there
And you spat in my face
With words that lacked infliction
Needed to breath meaning into them
So no I don’t think
I can in right mind
Acknowledge to recognize them
This is looking like a zero sum game
Let’s face it
However my prerogative
Is not to indulge your
Narcissistic persona
So I feel myself being pulled in
Engulfed by the guilt
That is not rightfully mine
But I make no move
Denying you satisfaction
You’re good at this
I’ll give you that
But everyone has a weakness
I will not partake in your game
Built to guarantee your win
The shadow over you
Filled with deceiving promises
And threatening whispers
Your curiously simple apology
Sweetened with
The aroma of corrupt reputation
Thoughts and priorities were shoved aside
To worry about this
Time was made
Time was lost
To worry about this
Worrying has lost its worth
You hold no precedence in my mind
So although I am reluctant
With a shaky voice, tight breath
And fidgeting hands
I will adopt these meaningless words
For a fraction of time
Not giving in
Or attempting to forget
Rather moving on
In order to heal
Leaving me on the high ground
And you still struggling to cope

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