Everybody goes through something

November 12, 2017
By Keythewriter BRONZE, South Brunswick, New Jersey
Keythewriter BRONZE, South Brunswick, New Jersey
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It’s funny how people say they gone be there for you
But when you need them they ain’t there for you
My head is going around in circles and my body is stationary
I can’t sleep at night because of these dreams I’m having....scary
My momma 6 feet under and my daddy ain’t around
I just wish they were around
I’m tired of picking myself up off the ground
I pray everyday to a God Im not sure is even there
Lately it feels like he really don’t answer my prayers
Everyday is a struggle and life weighs me down
I’m so lost without my parents
But they gone now
I post stuff on fb talking about death
That’s when all my “friends” talk about life instead like
Give me a call or yah momma wouldn’t want you to be this way
But who are you to tell me that
I speak to you once in every 365 days
Everybody cares when you bring it to their attention
But when you struggle in silence nobody pays attention
This is for all the people going thru a similar situation
Keep ya head up you ain’t alone
You apart of a nation
Feels like you the only one in the world who struggling
But trust me you’re not
Everybody is juggling
Juggling different situations and different life experiences
So wipe yah eyes and dry them tears because lots of people experienced it 
No matter what we all a family
Black yellow white orange or brown we all have ancestory
Times are rough and they don’t seem to get any better
But trust me they get better
Now sit down think and write yourself a letter
Tell yourself times are gonna get better and no matter what happens you aren’t alone
For those words alone will make you and the nation better.

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everybody goes through something 

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