November 12, 2017
By Poppy11 SILVER, Granville, Ohio
Poppy11 SILVER, Granville, Ohio
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"I love failing because it gives me and idea of how far I need to go" -Mark Fischbach

Bright is your heart when I'm near you

Closer, Closer than you've ever seen.

Plucking the strings of a cello

Closer, Closer to someplace we've never been.

But at this velocity

You know just what to do

With your head against my knee

Beating of a heart so pure

Playing the melody so sweet

Seeing the music play your lips

You know; I know

This love will last.

For a heartbeat of a moment time pauses

The only thing I sense is your hands in mine.

No one feels the beat of our hearts racing

When you see me, and I see you

A rush of grace notes fills the void of terror

The pull of whole notes grabs me by the waist so slow

Now waltzing round the room you pull me closer

Saying I love you....I love you

No more fears or secrets witheld

(Not that that matters)

I got you now

Grab me tight

Wipe those tears rushing down your cheeks

You're safe with me

Hold me now; Love me now.

Just let me love you

Pulling on my heartstrings like a puppet pulls strings

I never meant to fall in love with you.

But just let me love you

Let me love, let me love you...

The author's comments:

Watching from afar, our hopes only get stronger.

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