A city of memories

November 11, 2017
By Dezz-tiny BRONZE, Marshall, Missouri
Dezz-tiny BRONZE, Marshall, Missouri
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Time is ticking away with every little breath you take.A few seconds..then minutes..now days.Time seems to be running away and I stand here looking in the eyes that seem to be a blue gray.
Everything stops,maybe for a second,maybe forever and all I see are those eyes.Those eyes that once brought happiness and joy to my life,Those eyes now tearing me apart.
Memories play in the back of my head..all the words we ever said,the beginning to the end.It comes back,all like the breeze,with sudden smoothness and cold chills.
I'm seeing a movie of two people in love but slowly they're falling apart.I hear each screaming words as if its real,each cut to the heart,again..I seem to Feel.
I hear a whispering goodbye tickle my ear..as you walk away.Suddenly I'm pulled back into reality and I see that it seems you forgot about me.I walk away with a heavy heart,already so torn apart.
A face full of tears and a movie that won't stop playing
I realized,you never really planned on ever staying..

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