Sparking Souls

November 11, 2017
By Dezz-tiny BRONZE, Marshall, Missouri
Dezz-tiny BRONZE, Marshall, Missouri
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As I look into each soul I see
There is never one with as much color as me
I see blues,greens,and reds
I see clouds,thunder,and a happy end
For each person with a colorful soul
For they can bend and not break
They are the life in the air
People that make you want to stop and stare
But as I look,search and see
I only see one color in each
Mine..mine is red orange and all colors alike
They are sparks that ignite
I see a chance
A chance to change the world as it is
To make things better
For her and him
For you and me
For everyone fighting for a will to be free
Won't you join me?

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