November 10, 2017
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I am untouchable,

I am cold,

and unfeeling.
Passive. Distant. Detached
I am




I am not untouchable,
as much as I may wish I was,
Man has made it clear,
that I do not belong to myself.


I am not unbreakable,
as much as I may wish
to be as strong as a rock
and calm as a lake, alas
Society has made it its mission
to tear me apart from inside.


I am not untainted,
as everyone assumes.
Society and Man both
have contributed to the wretched emotions
I recall feeling from time to time.
For a long time I believed it was my fault
when truly, it was not mine.


So forgive me, or don’t,
if I act cold, frigid, and unfeeling.
I am simply doing what I must,
to protect myself
from any other unwanted experiences.


I will be passive, distant, and detached
to protect myself from those who pretend to care.
And those who pretend to care, will eventually leave,
as everyone does.


And only the ones who know,
that deep inside me
is a captivating child,
will stay.

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