alice: a retelling

November 10, 2017
By tyleroconnell BRONZE, Durham, New Hampshire
tyleroconnell BRONZE, Durham, New Hampshire
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5 o’clock train
to a penthouse, Dali living
on various walls, upholstered
couches on which
she falls, champagne drops
drip from her lips, tiny
pills that she has slipped,
sliding down a rabbit hole,
two baked goods from
different bowls, she grows
to unimaginable size, she
shrinks away from all
her lies, her pool of
tears to swim across, the
animals lament their loss, a
thimble for your troubles, dear,
my fan and gloves must be
brought here, the caterpillar
(through smoke in trails),
remarks on how often alice
must fail, the duchess sings
a lullaby, the Queen’s croquet
where birds won't fly, a mad tea
party stuck at six, murdered
time an unfixable fix,
white rose bushes painted red,
the crimson Queen will
have your head, a trial
for an honest Knave,
the tart thief must learn to
behave, her head will
float a mile high, come now
alice, time to die,
upon the river’s shore,
the clock chimes morning,
precisely four, car horns
sound, a siren cries,
alice blinks her groggy eyes,
wonderland a drugged out
haze, the city drew an
endless maze, she stumbles
to her feet with dread, hands
upon her pounding head,
pushing pills past her
dried out tongue, reminders
of when she was young,
so alice,
imagination fed, sways
back to the streets, cold
hard and dead.

The author's comments:

a modern retelling of Alice in Wonderland

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