November 10, 2017
By Charliphoenix BRONZE, Champlin, Minnesota
Charliphoenix BRONZE, Champlin, Minnesota
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Not all those who wander are lost.

When I would cry into the night,

Not knowing what else to do,

I'd beg God to send angel,

In hopes that He'd send you.

I'd pray you wrap me in your arms,

And brush my hair back from my eyes,

And wipe away my tears from my face,

And tell me that everything's alright.

I'd pray you take away my pain,

Tell me to unburden all my grief.

I'd wish you take away all my hurt,

In the night like a thief.

I wish you'd be that hero,

That friend I knew so well.

But now you're just a stranger,

And, man, it hurts like hell.

What happened to all the good times?

And the memories we would share?

Sometime I ask myself,

If you even care.

I still cry, because it hurts,

Because we don't know each other anymore.

When I try to speak to you,

You make it seem like its a chore.

But I guess I'll be okay,

I'll try to make it right.

But in the meantime, while I wait,

I have someone else to hold me tight.

Because he wipes away my tears,

And holds me when I cry.

He knows how much I hurt,

And he knows how hard I try.

He'll be there when you're not,

And hold me in the night,

When I ask God for an angel,

Because I'm not alright.

I'll be waiting for the day,

That's a while yet come,

When you open your arms once more for me,

And into them I'll run.

But until that time arrives,

I know he'll hold me tight,

All because I asked for an angel,

And God knows, I'm not alright.

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